Buns on Buns

Ever found yourself wondering where you can get something quick and kind of healthy in Waltham?

Ever been so far behind in prep cooking that you forgot what a chopped sweet potato looks like, and your Tupperware looks like a science experiment?

Well you’re in luck! This month’s Coaches Corner will tell you the ins and outs of eating in Waltham. We’ll talk about some healthy options as well as the best spot to get a cheat meal.

Market Basket – Opens at 7am and literally has a million healthy choices. One of my favorite options is head straight to the produce section and grab a piece of fruit (usually an apple) and a vegetable (usually a pepper). Next grab a 1/4 lb of cold cuts (turkey or ham are my fave). After that, an individual size container of hummus, guac, or nut butter, and you are good to go! Make sure you always keep a bottle of mustard in your purse (right, Erin) for the cold cuts. I understand that this might not work for everyone. You don’t want to be the strange guy or gal at the office eating cold cut rollups w/mustard and hummus or eating a pepper like an apple, but for some, this is a great option.

Whole Foods – Same as above but will cost you about as much as a 4 year private college. I know some people will chime in about the hot bar at Whole Foods, but that is literally a last resort. The only situation where the hot bar is ok is in the middle of the worst snow storm your grandparents have ever heard of, and there is no food left in the entire store.  Now and only now can you eat that chicken tikka masala that’s been sitting out for 6.5 hours. I’ll give it to you that the salad bar is super legit. I cannot stand chopping veggies, and they have ALL of them, but again it’ll cost you a lease payment on the new Jaguar SUV. Also, let’s be clear…I have spent so much money at Whole Foods it is absolutely ridiculous. Oh well, life goes on.

Chipotle – Yes, I know they had a salmonella outbreak, but I also know that all of us sometimes forget to wash our hands and have done some gross stuff, so I roll the dice. If you’re looking to eat healthy, this is your order: one scoop of white rice (but rice is bad!!! ok you’re having one scoop; everything will be ok), double fajita veggies (load ’em on), 1 or 2 scoops of chicken (on the gain train, go with 3…kidding!), 2 scoops of mild salsa (all of the tomatoes and onions), 1 scoop of medium salsa, 1 scoop of corn, as much lettuce as they can force on top, and guac on the side (yes, guac is extra…so what, make it rain like a millionaire). That serving of guac is enough for 3 days worth of fat. Use a little bit, or skip it all together.

Any Pizza Place – I don’t care which pizza place you go to.  They’re all the same. Oh Theo’s in Weston is the best? What about Steve’s in Waltham? Little Eddie’s? Made that last one up. Only thing to get at any of these places is a Greek salad with extra veggies and grilled chicken. If they ask how many veggies, tell them you want all of them. Ask for dressing on the side, or if you’re a complete psycho ask for no dressing at all and skip the salad and just chew a bunch of grass.

Paleo Power Meals – Where is it? The wonderful interwebs. PPM has bailed me out so many times I cannot begin to tell you, but I’ll try. Place an order for like 2 to 3 meals and be so psyched when you don’t have to scramble at night for a meal. Order bulk items when you feel lazy. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

Sweet Green – Is it in Waltham? Nope. Is it worth the drive? Yep! Is it #basic? Better believe it! This place is as #basic as it gets, and I couldn’t care less. I’ll wear Uggs, black Lulu tights, an over-sized t-shirt, a pair of Ray-Bans, a side pony, and call me Becky if it means I can have more of these salads. This place freaking rocks. Fresh ingredients with loads and loads of veggies. How’s the price? Do you really care that much about the price? You’re buying a salad from a place that specializes in salads; you know going in you’re not getting a great deal, but they’re delicious and at the same time nutritious.

Russos – If you don’t know, now you know. Thank me later.

Taco Places – We’re now getting into the “healthy-ish” part of this writeup. I’m not going to list every single taco spot in Waltham because there are a ton, and everyone says the place they go is “the best Jerry, the best.” So go on Yelp and look up tacos in Waltham, try them out one at a time, and make your own decision.

Jake and Joe’s – Garbage. This place is a last resort. Fine for drinks with your friends and that’s it. I went there with some friends who got steak tips, and they might as well have been hockey pucks. When we asked the manager what was going on, he said he had new cooks who didn’t know how to cook steak. Rogue knows how to cook steak…medium-rare always.

Not Your Average Joe’s – This place should be called Your Average Joe’s. Listen, if we’re talking high school science classes I would’ve killed for average, but we’re not.  We’re talking about food and Joe’s is average at best. Pass.

Moodys – Hands down home to a top 3 sandwich (the spicy cuban). There is no debate the spicy cuban is on the top. The gino wrap is an unreal breakfast wrap, but let’s be clear neither of these options are healthy at all in the slightest. If you’re looking for healthy, you’re going to have to dig deep. They have an ok salad and you can get a carnitas bowl for breakfast. I know everyone swears by their dinner, and I do really like it but it’s all salt all the time with very few green options. Good for once in a while.

Tempo – I’ll take Tempo over Moodys for dinner any day anytime. There, I said it. It’s better. They have way better small dish options, and I think one of, if not the best steak I’ve had. Also, you can actually get in at Tempo. Not to mention, they have green things on their menu.

“I live in Weston.  Where should I go out to eat?” Easy. Nowhere. Weston has zero, count them zero, good places to eat. I cannot understand how there is not one good restaurant in all of Weston. If you say “Ye Olde Cottage,” I will tell you about these magic beans that I have…

Are there more places? Yup! What are they? To be continued…