Tuesday 10.16.18

“Hey Maria, did you remember to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, drink more water, and workout 4 to 6 x a week depending on your soreness level?” – Luke
“Duh! Of course I did Luke! I’m trying to build better habits. I know not everyday will be perfect but I know I can make progress everyday” – Maria
“Wow” – Luke

Sonya Blade
Wall Balls (20/14#)
Calorie Row
200 Meter Run

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WOD Guidance
Pace your first few rounds with a strong push after the 15s! On the pull-ups today, we are looking for a modification that you could do 10+ repetitions unbroken when fresh.

Question of the Day
Is The Dark Knight the sequel to Batman Begins?
Yes or no.
Explain your answer.

Box Brief
Sign-up for our Internal Team Throwdown at the front desk!

Monday 10.15.18

Boston Firefighter Michael Kennedy

6 rounds of:
60 Double Unders
30 Kettlebell Swings @ 53/35
15 Burpees

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WOD Guidance
Steady pace throughout the workout today.
Two set the swings and relax those shoulders on the double unders.

Box Brief
Boston firefighter Michael Kennedy, 33, of Boston, Massachusetts, died fighting a nine-alarm fire on March 26, 2014. Kennedy served with the Boston Fire Department for six and a half years and was a Marine Corps sergeant who served a tour in Iraq before that.

He had a big presence in his local CrossFit community, coaching and training at several affiliates, including CrossFit Craic, CrossFit Florian, CrossFit Together and CrossFit HomeBase.

He is survived by his girlfriend, Sarah Wessman, and many other beloved friends and family members.

Sunday 10.14.18


Tight Ship
15/12 Calorie Row
1 Round of “Strict Cindy”

1 Round of “Strict Cindy”: 5 Strict Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Air Squats

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Box Brief
Get your food shopping and prep cooking done because week two of the Nutrition Challenge starts tomorrow!

Saturday 10.13.18


Teams of 3
1 Mile Team Run
150 Wall Balls (20/14#)
15 Rope Climbs
800 Meter Team Run
120 Wall Balls (20/14#)
12 Rope Climbs
400 Meter Team Run
90 Wall Balls (20/14#)
9 Rope Climbs

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WOD Guidance
Steady pace on the runs as a team. Break the wall balls into small sets. Various modifications for the rope climbs will be briefed in class.

Box Brief
Sign-ups go LIVE on Monday for the Internal Team Throwdown!

Friday 10.12.18

“Dannnnnnng those fruits and vegetables look tasty!”

10 Rounds:
30 Double Unders
5 Clean and Jerks (95/65#)

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WOD Guidance
Find a variation on the double unders that you are able to complete in :30-:40 seconds.
Weight on the barbell should be a light weight and something you can do 5 unbroken repetitions with throughout your rounds.

Question of the Day
You’re a professional Monster Truck Driver! Whoa crazy right?!?!
What’s the name of your truck?

Box Brief

The Internal Team Throwdown will be teams of 3!

Thursday 10.11.18

“Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s the October Nutrition Challenge”

Today is Bring a Friend Day!

Teams of 2
100/70 Calorie Row
100 Sit-ups
100/70 Calorie Bike
100 Sit-ups
100/70 Calorie Row

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WOD Guidance
You go I go style workout today.
When it’s your turn to work make it happen captain!

Question of the Day
You’ve been hired by Nike to design a new shoe!
What’s it called?

Box Brief
The TILT Internal Team Throwdown is coming…

Wednesday 10.10.18

“So Maria what you wanna do is eat a TON of fruits and vegetables, get more sleep, and probably drink a bit more water too (watches her perform an awesome muscle up). Not exactly what I was looking for but that sure was sweet!”

For Time:
400 Meter Run
30 Squat Snatches (135/95#)
400 Meter Run

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WOD Guidance
Pace your the first run. Quick singles or small touch and go sets on the snatches. Find a weight that you could do upwards of 8 repetitions unbroken when fresh. Sprint to the finish on the last run!

Question of the Day
You’re the new host of a totally awesome talk show!
You’re filming your Halloween show (spoooooooky).
Who do you interview?

Box Brief
Onwards and upwards!
Say bye bye to processed sugary snacks and hello to natures candy aka FRUIT!

Tuesday 10.9.18

Wake up Hans!
No more daydreaming about fruits and veggies!
The challenge starts today, your dreams are now a reality.

3 rounds of
1 Minute Thrusters (45/35#)
1 Minute Burpees
1 Minute Pull-ups
1 Minute Box Jumps (24/20″)
1 Minute Calorie Row
1 Minute Rest

WOD Guidance
Today’s Nutrition Challenge baseline is a spinoff of Fight Gone Bad!
Find a pace that allows you to keep moving throughout all three rounds.

Question of the Day
You’re the hottest new DJ in town!
What’s your DJ name?

Box Brief
Today is Day 1 of the October Nutrition Challenge!
Let’s do this thang!
Interested in signing up and think it’s too late? It’s never too late!
Click HERE for more info!

Monday 10.8.18

That feeling when you’ve already signed up for the October Nutrition Challenge and you’re ready to cut sugar and alcohol out of your life, eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, sleep more, and reap the benefits in and outside of the gym.

3 rounds of:
:30 Power Clean @ 155/105
:30 Rest
:25 Power Clean @ 155/105
:35 Rest
:20 Power Clean @ 155/105
:40 Rest
:15 Power Clean @ 155/105
:45 Rest
:10 Power Clean @ 155/105
:50 Rest
No Rest Between Rounds

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Box Brief
All barbell all the time!
Let’s work on barbell cycling today!

Question of the Day
You’re responsible for combining a fruit and vegetable into one…
What are you combining?
What does it taste like?
What does it look like?

Box Brief
There is still time to sign up for the October Nutrition Challenge!
Need details? Click HERE!
Need to get your weigh-in done? No problem! Just come in today between 445am and 745pm!

Sunday 10.7.18

You say want to make gains in the gym but you haven’t signed up for October Nutrition Challenge…
But that’s none of my business

7 rounds of:
Min 1 – 200m Run
Min 2 – Max Burpee Box Jump Overs @ 24/20
Min 3 – Rest

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Box Brief
Weigh-in Schedule:
Sunday – 9am to 1pm
Monday – 445am to 745pm

Paleo Power Meals is now offering meal delivery service to TILT. We're also going to stock our fridge with a few Grab-N-Go meals for you to try.

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